Believe the Bundy Hype

As an Orioles fan, I never thought I would be more excited about a prospect than after the O’s draftedImage Manny Machado.  A few years ago, the Orioles drafted Matt Wieters and paid him a massive bonus.  Wieters was pretty much a finished product after dominating at Georgia Tech, and everyone knew he would be good one day.  Watching Wieters cruise through the minors was fun, but also expected.

Then Manny Machado came along.  Machado, just a teenager drafted out of high school wasn’t polished like Wieters but was exciting nonetheless.  Manny, drafted just a few slots after phenom Bryce Harper has impressed as a 19 year old in pro ball despite playing guys with a few years of experience on him.  It’s exciting to watch Machado play SS and continually hit well despite his youth.

However, everything changed when Dylan Bundy came along.  I remember going into last year’s draft knowing that Anthony Rendon was the way to go.  As he continued to struggle (compared to his own standards) and Bundy continued to dominate, my focus shifted.  On draft day, the scenarios I ran through my head countless times came to fruition and the Orioles selected Dylan Bundy 4th overall.

Fast forward to Bundy’s pro debut a few days ago and Manny Machado became an afterthought.  Bundy tossed 3 perfect innings, striking out 6 batters for low class A Delmarva.  Bundy sat in the mid to high 90s, and showed solid secondary stuff to go with it.  He showed every bit of what made him a top prospect prior to last June’s draft.  A full scouting report of Bundy’s start can be found here.  Jim Callis is seemingly jumping on the bandwagon as well, saying Bundy might have gone 1:1 if the draft was re-done today.

When you’re an Orioles fan, you find that a lot of your hopes lie in the futures of your prospects.  For a while that didn’t work out so well.  The new wave of prospects to succeed so far may be changing that around however.  Let’s not get carried away, it was just 3 innings against low class A competition.  All I’m saying is, I’m believing the hype.  Are you?


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always nice to see some positive vibes coming outta Baltimore

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